Podcast on Private Podcasts

What to Expect from Storyboard in 2022

January 18, 2022 Storyboard Podcasts Season 3 Episode 1
Podcast on Private Podcasts
What to Expect from Storyboard in 2022
Show Notes

In this episode of POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts), Storyboard CEO JP Gooderham and Jeremy Lynn, Head of Customer Success, discuss the vision for the platform in 2022 and what is on the horizon. 

This includes: 

  1. Recent milestones like launching the 3,000th Storyboard organization and new product updates in Q4 
  2. The year of the creator – and our vision to provide the best experience on any platform for podcasters to not only release content but build compelling audio through powerful recording tools 
  3. Why the time is now for companies and groups to launch an audio channel, especially as teams work from home or across the globe 

Thanks for joining for our first episode of 2022. 


POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts) is presented by Storyboard (http://www.trystoryboard.com) and will provide an overview for anyone who wants to launch a private, internal podcast for their organization or company. In this series, we'll interview innovators and leaders who have adopted podcasting to transform their internal communications.

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