Podcast on Private Podcasts

The Board: Storyboard's new logo & log-in experience

October 01, 2021 Storyboard Podcasts Season 2 Episode 5
Podcast on Private Podcasts
The Board: Storyboard's new logo & log-in experience
Show Notes

In this episode of POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts), Storyboard’s Head of Customer Success Jeremy Lynn and Lead Product Designer Rachael Petrie provide a deep dive into Storyboard’s new and upgraded log-in experience.

To get the latest upgrade, make sure to update your app to the latest version in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Look out for the new soundwave-like logo. After doing so, a listener will receive: 

  1. A new visual design for the login experience with improved readability and accessibility; 
  2. Enhanced error messages to help guide users who may be logging in for the first time; 
  3. Simplified logins for returning users who have already registered as listeners in our app; 
  4. In-app support access so that listeners can email Storyboard Support on command, in the event that they would like our guidance or help while getting set up


POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts) is presented by Storyboard (http://www.trystoryboard.com) and will provide an overview for anyone who wants to launch a private, internal podcast for their organization or company. In this series, we'll interview innovators and leaders who have adopted podcasting to transform their internal communications.

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