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The Board: Storyboard expands Listener Commenting, Pro Groups, and a new My Stats Tab

December 10, 2020 Storyboard Podcasts Season 1 Episode 8
Podcast on Private Podcasts
The Board: Storyboard expands Listener Commenting, Pro Groups, and a new My Stats Tab
Show Notes

In Ep. 8 of POPP (the Podcast on Private Podcasts, presented by Storyboard), founder JP Gooderham shares four major product updates to our Storyboard creators:

1. We've introduced Listener Voice and Text comments. Your listeners can actively participate by replying not only with text but with a recorded voice note right from the Storyboard app.

2. Groups have expanded with a new Auto-Subscribe feature which will allow you to subscribe all users within your channel to a new group playlist. It will appear automatically when they open the app for the first time (instead of needing to subscribe to the Group).

3. We're not done with Groups -- Admins can now go to the My Groups Tab and click on any group to view a new summary page. You can now view:
- A list of all episodes in that Group
- A list of all users who have subscribed to the Group

4. We've also launched a new feature for your listeners: the My Stats view in the Storyboard iPhone and Android apps. This will help celebrate all the listening, commenting, and engagement that listeners have contributed this year.

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