Podcast on Private Podcasts

Introducing Storyboard share pages

February 01, 2023 Season 6 Episode 1
Podcast on Private Podcasts
Introducing Storyboard share pages
Show Notes

JP Gooderham (CEO and Founder, Storyboard) joins Jeremy Lynn (Head of Customer Success, Storyboard) to introduce our latest product feature release: Storyboard share pages.

Tune in to this episode to get a quick overview of this exciting feature, find out how it can help you promote your company podcast internally, and learn from real-world examples that showcase its potential to benefit your team.

To learn more about Storyboard's private podcasting solution, visit trystoryboard.com


POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts) is presented by Storyboard and will provide an overview for anyone who wants to launch a private, internal podcast for their organization or company. 

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