Podcast on Private Podcasts

Storyboard Updates: New Script Templates

April 25, 2022 Storyboard Podcasts Season 4 Episode 4
Podcast on Private Podcasts
Storyboard Updates: New Script Templates
Show Notes

In this episode of POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts), Storyboard’s Product Marketing Lead, Mariya Harris, joins Head of Customer Success, Jeremy Lynn, to discuss our newest addition to the Storyboard website, script templates. They’ll be chatting about how these scripts came to be, how creators can use them, and how they fit into our long-term plans.

To check out our new script templates, visit https://new.trystoryboard.com/help/scripts/


POPP (The Podcast on Private Podcasts) is presented by Storyboard (http://www.trystoryboard.com) and will provide an overview for anyone who wants to launch a private, internal podcast for their organization or company. In this series, we'll interview innovators and leaders who have adopted podcasting to transform their internal communications.

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